Our Identity

Raya Fitness have been providing customers in the MENA region with new and fairly used fitness equipment for well over a decade now, and we have gotten nothing short of fantastic reviews from our clients about our products. We are well known for providing excellent and top-notch services to our customers; as well as embracing a team of experts that have many years of experience working with used fitness equipment.

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Our Fitness Professionals

The Value in Buying Commercial Grade Gym Equipments

Commercial-grade fitness equipment were designed for gyms as they are a lot more durable than home fitness equipment. They can handle around the clock/ constant usage without getting faulty.

Over the years; we have established solid relationships with the top brands in the fitness industry to ensure that we provide our clients with nothing short of excellent quality equipment. We work with manufacturers like Precor, Cybex, Life Fitness etc., and their products are all available in our warehouses. These high quality, extremely durable fitness equipment are refurbished and sold to you at very low prices. What better deal is there than that?

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